Everyone’s a Critic

Returning home from France without good food stories shows a lack of appetite, curiosity, and interesting company. You may not rave about everywhere and everything you’ve eaten, but when the trip is over and France’s history, art, and architecture have been left behind, everyone goes home a restaurant critic. So welcome to the club!

We’d enjoy hearing your comments on any restaurants in France, especially those reviewed here, or even on your favorite French restaurant back home. If you’d like to send us your take on a given restaurant, please be as specific as possible: dates, what ordered, service, seating seated, your dinner companions, and anything that conveys the pleasure, displeasure, humor, or oddity of your dining experience. Include your full name and e-mail address if you would like a response.

You can send your review or comments:
– through our Comments page, in which it will not be available to the public – do this if you want to inform us about a restaurant that we have not yet written about or anything else not intended for public view,
– or by leaving a comment directly below the given article to which it pertains, in which it will (if approved) be made readable by all.

Merci & bon appétit!


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