What is France Revisited?

France Revisited®, FranceRevisited.com.

France Revisited is an award-winning web magazine providing insights, information and impressions regarding travel, touring, life and culture in France. Through text, photography and video, we provide curious readers and travelers with the keys to exploring and understanding people, places, history, sights, food, art, craft and culture throughout France, including much from our home base in Paris.

France Revisited was created on the premise that the greatest rewards of travel come from being curious. We enjoy the clichés but don’t let them reduce our field of vision to the detriment of all else that can be discovered and experienced. It is curiosity–as readers, as writers, as photographers, as travelers–that leads us to find personal and unexpected connections to our route or destination and to the people and experiences encountered along the way.

In exploring life in Paris and travel in France, it is not our intention to “sell” France, to hype France or to present it as some form of cultural or culinary utopia. We provide articles, reviews, creative writing, photographs, videos and texts of various kinds that enable readers and travelers to appreciate, enjoy and understand France as a travel destination, as a place to live or as a place to learn about.

France Revisited is a professional publication largely supported by passion, curiosity and donations. Independence is of utmost importance in our reviews, commentary and recommendations. We are happy to provide space for advertisers without endorsing their products.

In 2015, France Revisited received the North American Travel Journalists Association’s Silver Medal as runner-up in its annual competition for best online travel magazine. Individual articles on France Revisited have been awarded NATJA’s Gold and Silver Medals.

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France Revisited® is published by Words Travel International, Inc., an American company serving the needs of uncommon travelers, readers and businesses. Words Travel International, Inc. is NOT a travel agency but rather a company offering original products and services that reflect an independent and personalized approach to travel, touring, writing, publishing, and communications, particularly involving North America and Europe.