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Three Paris Vignettes: A Suit, Blue T-Shirts and Some Change

A vignette is a short text that focuses on a moment, a mood, a scene, a character, an encounter, an idea or a place. Here are three Paris vignettes that involve shopping, gift-giving and biking.

Street Talk: The Ghosts of Rue du Bac

Visiting Paris from California, Herb Hoffman and Joan Preston discover that their temporary home on Rue du Bac is surrounded by the ghosts of friends and acquaintances of democracy in America.

France Revisited’s Jewish Issue

March 2014 – Bonjour, shalom and hello. Last November I was designing an issue of France Revisited by gathering together an assortment articles and stories...

In Search of a Jewish Quarter: Rue des Rosiers and the Jewish Food...

When visiting rue des Rosiers in the Marais are travelers correct in thinking that they are actually visiting “the Jewish quarter”? Is the presence of Semitic fast food and a few Judaica shops a reflection of a vibrant local community, of successful ethnic marketing or of a combination of the two? Let’s take a look at what’s there.

Paris Street Talk: Gastronomy, Pastries and Wine on Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 6th Arr.

The major culinary arts school Ferrandi, the fine pastry shop and tea room Colorova and the quirky wine shop and tasting room Le Vin en Bouche put rue de l’Abbé Grégoire on the gastronomy map of the 6th arrondissement.

The Cranky Pedestrian: The Barefoot Photographer Rants Against Bicycle Cadavers

A call for contributors to turn a cranky eye on their surroundings brought forth a photographic rant from Va-nu-pieds, France Revisited’s fetish photographer, who’s fed up with the sight of bicycle cadavers on the sidewalks of Paris.

Stephane Jaspert’s Cobblestone Art: From the Streets of Paris to a Garret in Montmartre

Stephane Jaspert picks the cobblestone up from his desk and says, “Tourists often see Paris as a light and romantic city, but it’s a tough city, hard as rock.” We are high above the cobbled streets of Montmartre in Mr. Jaspert’s garret.

Paris Street Talk: Merry, the Mural and the Pisser (Merry, la fresque et la...

...As I turned to walk up rue Saint Merri in the Beaubourg Quarter of Paris I was surprised to see that the entire wall of a 5-story building was covered with the image of a face of a man with a finger to its lips. The man was calling for quiet. He had Dali eyes.

Street Talk: Boys Will Be Boys, the Pissoirs of Paris

Pissoirs and vespassiennes, the scantily hidden public urinals that so defined the streets, squares and parks of Paris from the late 1830s to the early...

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