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A Year Ends, A Year Begins in a Hopeful Little Paris Garden

The year 2015 ends on a bright and hopeful day in Paris. I’m relieved to feel no compulsion to come up with resolutions for 2016; I can simply reuse those of 2015 since none of them was realized. Something about this makes me happy.

Scraps of 2014, Inspiration for 2015

Anyone else would likely sweep them into the trash, but for me the scraps of paper scribbled with my handwriting that cover the horizontal...

The November Newsletter: From Le Black Friday to Le Cyber Monday

At first, last Friday, I thought it was the ad campaign for a new American horror film opening in Paris. I then realized that the notices for a mind-control experiment meets an invasion of the body snatchers were real: BLACK FRIDAY had arrived in France. Not just any Black Friday, but LE Black Friday

A Christmas Tour of France

France may be a deeply secular nation, but everyone gets into the spirit of what are called “the end of the year holidays” (les fêtes de fin d’année), meaning Christmas and more. Let’s take a tour of the Christmas season in France through Alsace, Champagne, Lille, Lyon, Provence, Nice and Paris.

Black Friday à la Française

At first I thought it was the ad campaign for a new American horror film opening in Paris. I then realized that the signs...

Labor of Love Day

Monday, September 1, Labor (of Love) Day -- It's a schizophrenic day for Americans living in France, aware as we are that it's Labor Day...

Season’s Greetings from the City of Light

France Revisited's fetish photographer Va-nu-pieds has provided us with this year's season's greetings photo, a view of the carousel in front of Paris City Hall. Wishing you a bright and joyful holiday season. Enjoy the ride as the new year comes 'round again.

An Impromptu Carol Squad in Paris

It isn’t easy to get into the Christmas spirit on a damp evening in Paris, where the lights don’t shine as brightly and cheerfully as they do back home. But sometimes something magical happens that rekindles the holiday spirit, as Claire Fallou discovered one evening while trudging back to her apartment after a long day’s work.

Passover in Paris and the 11th Plague

Max Kutner had just moved to Paris from New York and was looking for a Passover seder to attend. He found one just off the Champs-Elysées, but among the mixed ritual of French, English and Hebrew something was amiss, beginning with the 11th plague.

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