Constributors’ Guidelines

The best travel writing brings together a fluent mix of information, insights and experience or impressions. Add a sense of curiosity, of humor and of humanism and we’ll follow you anywhere. This is true whether writing about sights, art, food, places, people, culture, history, a point of view or one’s own travels.

Writers, photographers and videographers who share that view are welcome to submit material for consideration for publication on France Revisited, the web magazine for savvy readers and experienced travelers. Payment varies (see below).

Do not submit without reading this entire page

Our goal is NOT to sell readers sights, destinations, restaurants, etc. Leave that to travel agencies, tourist boards, PR agencies and salesmen. Instead, present or explore sights, destinations, restaurants, art, history, etc. in ways that are interesting/entertaining and informative. Be well informed yet think in terms of story or theme or experience rather than basic information or hype. For a destination piece, don’t feel that you need to throw in every sight and museum or to list a bunch hotels and restaurants if you know nothing about them.

Your own blog is a great place to promote your business or that of your friends, family or business partners. France Revisited is not.

If accepted for publication your article will bear your byline. It may include mention your expertise with respect to the subject of your article/post and possibly your principle business activity, however we will not necessarily link to a commercial website.

Who are our readers?

MarlyMany of our readers have been to France before, a good number have traveled extensively in Europe or would like to experience someday an extended stay on the continent, and others actually do live or have lived in France or elsewhere in Europe.

While more than 50% of our readers are North American, we also have a significant number of English-speaking and French-speaking readers in France as well as readers in the U.K., Canada and Germany.

Types of work we publish

The work available on France Revisited runs the gamut of approaches to travel writing: journalism, review, analysis, experience, interview, opinion, essay, humor, vignette, video, photography. All sections open to contributors.

As with all magazines, the best place to start is to read some of the articles that have already been posted in the various departments. Though many of the articles on France Revisited are written by editor Gary Lee Kraut, we are not looking for contributors to endorse his style but rather to have their own voice, to be highly informed and to think creatively when writing about travel, people and place.

Our readers want to know that there’s an authoritative or curious or unique voice behind each piece. Subject matter is very open. Know your stuff, know where to get accurate information and have fun with the article. We like writers/photographers/videographers who can tell a good story and/or are highly informed about their subject.

There are no formulas, but please avoid self-dramatization. Use first-person when your experience or interaction with people or place really matters, otherwise let your authority as observer or analyst or journalist do the work. Using second-person is tricky business; if you’re going to use it you better make pretty good.

We prefer original material—and will only pay for original material—for which you give France Revisited first electronic rights. Four months after publication on France Revisited, you are then free to republish your text elsewhere provided that you indicate that it was first published on France Revisited if it has not been substantially modified. By “substantially modified” we mean more than 50% of the text.

In limited circumstances we are willing to consider material that has been previously published provided that you hold all the rights to it and that you let us know in submitting it where it has been published in print or on the internet. We do not pay for previously published work.

Contributors may be asked to rewrite their submissions or have their work edited. We will ask for your approval in the case of significant editing. If you prefer to have your work published only as you submit it, without eventual editing, then France Revisited may not be appropriate for your work.

Journalistes et écrivains francophones

We are willing to consider material in French (including previously published material) from native French-speaking writers/journalists and to translate their work into English for publication on France Revisited. You will not have permission to reuse our English translation without our permission and indication of the name of the translator “for publication on France Revisited,”


We pay contributors in relation to the donations that we receive from readers and are currently paying up to $50 per article. That amount is subject to change. See Support France Revisited to understand how writers benefit from “fostered” and “adopted” work. Payment is made upon publication via Paypal. In accepting payment you agree that you will not publish the work elsewhere within 6 months of publication on France Revisited and will always indicate that it “First published on France Revisited,”

We are usually unable to pay expenses at this time, however in the case of “adopted” articles we may be able to provide funding for transportation within France.

Rights and Responsibility

Acceptance of material for posting on, even when no financial payment is made, is for the right to post the work on this site. We reserve the right to remove the article of our own accord at any time and for any reason and to update any timely information contained in your article. You may not publish the work elsewhere for 4 months following its publication on France Revisited. You are then free to republish your text elsewhere provided that you indicate that it was first published on France Revisited, unless it has been substantially modified. By “substantially modified” we mean more than 50% of the text.

Linden2In submitting your work to France Revisited you agree that you are fully responsible for any plagiarism, infringement or slander it may contain and for any consequences of such.

How to submit

If interested in contributing content to France Revisited, send the completed article/photo reportage/video or a detailed query, along with a brief bio to gary [at] Include your full name, where you live, your phone number and, if you wish, information about your writing and/or travel experience and link to any published work.

Our interest in a query does not mean that the piece will be published on France Revisited since the decision to publish can be made only on the basis of a final piece, unless we have already worked with you.

Your first correspondence with us should contain no attachments. All text should be included in the body of the e-mail. File attachments will not be opened unless we have requested that they be sent.

Please note in your query if you have your own images to accompany your article. It isn’t necessary to send them until requested.

For video submissions send an e-mail describing the video (if not yet filmed) or containing a link to the completed video.

Do NOT send queries of the kind “I love France and would like to write for you, what subjects would interest you?”
Do NOT expect us to respond to a message saying that you can supply great free content in exchange for a few embedded links.
Do NOT expect us to get too excited when you explain how your article will increase traffic to France Revisited because of your talents as a social networker.

DO send all queries and completed submissions to gary [at] Please include “Submission” plus your full name in the subject line. Otherwise we will assume that you did not read these guidelines and we are therefore unlikely to respond.

We try to respond to all queries and submissions within 1 week.

The editor will make the final decision as to the title of your work, but please include your working title.


We appreciate your interest in writing for France Revisited. We are unable to make extensive individual comments on all submissions. If it turns out that we don’t consider your work right for France Revisited please don’t take that to mean anything other than that we have a very subjective approach to travel writing, that we may have articles in the works or that we’ve already published a piece that covers the same place or idea that you’re proposing.