Information about boutiques, shopping and fashion in Paris and the surrounding region.


Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Beckett, Miller, drama, poetry. On her first visit to Paris, Scottish playwright Morna Young is looking for something as she wanders through the celebrated bookshop Shakespeare and Company but she doesn’t know what… until she finds it.

Black Friday à la Française

At first I thought it was the ad campaign for a new American horror film opening in Paris. I then realized that the signs...

Isabelle Langlois: A Hidden Gem on Rue de la Paix

Colors, flowers, elegance, balance: what sounds like a stroll through the Luxembourg Garden or a glimpse into the lobby of a palatial hotel is, this morning, an encounter with Isabelle Langlois in her shop on rue de la Paix, Paris’s runway for high jewelry.

Paris Haute Couture for the Birds

Is haute couture for the birds? Absolutely, says fashion follower Corinne LaBalme, who joined the flock at Paris Fashion Week to report on the Spring/Summer 2013 collections. With stylists pushing the envelope, haute couture has always functioned as the canary in the fashion mineshaft.

Va-nu-pieds, the Barefoot Photographer, Goes Christmas Shopping

Our favorite fetish photographer Va-nu-pieds, aka The Barefoot Photographer, went out for some last-minute Christmas shopping in Paris but they wouldn’t let him into...

Luxury Silversmith Maintains Tradition of French Savoir-Faire in the Northern Marais

The formerly workaday neighborhood of the northern Marais has been increasingly gentrified over the past 15 years, but something that hasn’t changed is the discreet presence of one of France’s few remaining creators of luxury silverware, tableware and decorative accessory: Lapparra.

Plumbing in Paris: the Marble Bathtub of the Marquise de Païva

Nicolas Beboutoff's odd shop for old and antique porcelain and metal plumbing furnishings holds the supposed bathtub of the Marquise de Paiva.

Looking for Lorraine in Paris and Finding Alsace along the Way

Trains from Paris's East Station head into the Lorraine and Alsace regions of France, but products from those regions are found in and by the station.

Departure of signs and numbers from the heart of Paris

My favorite little shop in Paris, one of the last living vestiges of the historical belly of Paris that was the Les Halles Quarter, closed at the end of July 2009. It had been a long time coming--rather, going. It isn’t easy making a living selling...

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