Things to Know About Hotels in France

There's no harm in being surprised when you arrive at hotel, as long as that surprise is limited to a room upgrade, a free bottle of Champagne in the room or especially kind service. Otherwise it's best to know what to expect when you select a hotel. This article provides general hotel information that you should be aware of when traveling in France regarding check-in and check-out, types of breakfast served, whether you should have breakfast at the hotel or head for a nearby cafe or bakery, room size, noise, air-conditioning and taxes.

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What'll it be: A luxury palace, a 4-star hideaway, a high-end chain, a 3-star charmer, a love nest, a budget delight, a den of quirky characters? By a garden, a food market, a museum, shopping, notable restaurants? With a room for romance, for friends, for families, for a single traveler, for business? Independence is of utmost importance in our hotel reviews, recommendations and commentary and experiences.

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Your hotel comments, gripes, raves, odd encounters, lurid tales, and experiences interest us. If you would like to send us a report about a hotel where you've stayed anywhere in France we'd be happy to hear about it. To do so send us a message through the Comment page of the Contact tab or send an e-mail directly to Please include your full name and e-mail address if you would like a response.

Sex and the Luxury Hotel

Most men manage to control the urge to sequester a chambermaid or baggage boy, but it’s only natural for a man to stumble upon a hot hotel employee fantasy when traveling alone.

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