Radiating from Paris: Our Glorious Ladies of Gothic Architecture (Part I: Paris, Laon, Chartres)

As Paris prepares the jubilee celebration honoring the 850th anniversary of the beginning of construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1163, France Revisited pays homage to that great Gothic monument at the center of the capital and to four other Notre-Dame Cathedrals within 100 miles of Paris. This is a two-part article. Part I below concerns Notre-Dames of Paris, Laon and Chartres. Part II concerns Notre-Dames of Reims and Amiens and includes practical tips for visiting all five.

A Christmas Tour of France

France may be a deeply secular nation, but everyone gets into the spirit of what are called “the end of the year holidays” (les fêtes de fin d’année), meaning Christmas and more. Let’s take a tour of the Christmas season in France through Alsace, Champagne, Lille, Lyon, Provence, Nice and Paris.

Festivals in France, Part II: Exceptional and Unique Celebrations

Whether celebrating street theater or strawberries, vintage bicycles or movie cars, mime or flamenco, joyful and unique festivals take place throughout France throughout the year.
Thibault Denis du Péage and Adalaïs Choy, founders of Covoiture-Art.com

Covoiture-Art Offers Ride-Sharing with a Cultural Twist

While classic ride-sharing brings together drivers and passengers who share a common destination, a new service brings together those who share a common interest in a culture. The young company Covoiture-Art.com is offering "cultural ride-sharing," a way of taking a daytrip to a monument, museum or heritage site if you need a ride to get there or if you have wheels and would like company.

Got Heritage? Pelerin Awards Help Restore France’s Catholic Heritage

History has taught France the dangers of seeing a dominant religion play a leading role in public policy. Yet it has also left this...

To Those (Re)Considering Coming to Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis on November 13 killed 130 people and left hundreds more wounded. The immediate target was joie de vivre in the City of Light: the pleasure of sharing a drink or a meal with friends, of listening to music, of strolling down the street, of kissing on the sidewalk, of men and women mingling and dressing freely, of gathering comfortably with strangers, of being young in years or young at heart, of openly celebrating life. Those are all things that you, the visitor and the return traveler, look forward to when you imagine (re)visiting Paris.

Paris Award Ceremonies Honor French Excellence, Heritage and Savoir-Faire (Part 2 of 2)

Awards and award ceremonies tell a lot about a country, if not always about the nation that it is then at least about the nation that the award-givers want it to be. Part 2 of this two-part series concerns Pelerin Magazine’s Un Patrimoine pour demain (A Heritage for Tomorrow) and Cigale TV’s Trésors vivants de l’artisant (Living Treasures of Craftsmanship).

Market Day in France: The Southeast, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

From the bulls in the Camargue to the olive trees of Provence, from the vineyards of the Rhone Valley to the lemon trees of Menton and from the fig trees of Solliès to the apple orchards of Haute Durance, the agriculture of southeast France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) offers a variety of stunning landscapes and notable products to travelers in search of local and regional gastronomy.

Near Paris: The Giverny – La Roche-Guyon Daytrip Combo

How and why to combine a visit to Monet's House and Gardens at Giverny with a visit to the chateau of La Roche Guyon, whether on a daytrip from Paris or a longer excursion to Normandy.

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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