Lion Feuchtwanger and the Milles Internment and Deportation Camp Near Aix-en-Provence

By Wendy Dubreuil. Aix-en-Provence may call to mind fountain-side cafés, the work of Cézanne, aristocratic palaces and the scent of lavender, but just several miles from the sunny heart of town lies a cautionary tale: the Camp des Milles, the only large French interment and deportation camp from WWII that is preserved and open to the public.
Vocabulaire illustre de l'ornement - Evelyne Thomas-detail

Art Books: The Vocabulary of Ornamentation

We are often at a loss for words when we travel in continental Europe. It isn’t only the words for natural conversation that are lacking but also the vocabulary of the things we see. Vocabulaire Illustré de l’Ornament by Evelyne Thomas, an illustrated dictionary of the vocabulary of the ornamental and decorative elements of architecture and other arts, can help.

Vice & Versailles: A Master Gardener Delves Into the Dark Shadows of the Louis...

As head gardener of Versailles Alain Baraton is responsible for restoring and maintaining the majesty of the backyard of kings, but he appears to relish in declaring that “Versailles was a great shop of horrors.” In the book "Vice et Versailles" Baraton leads readers into the dark side of the great palace.

Quentin Roosevelt, President’s Son, the Most Famous American Killed in France in WWI

Quentin Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt and his second wife Edith, was shot down by German planes during aerial combat over France on July 14, 1918, northeast of Paris between Château-Thierry and Reims.In this exclusive France Revisited interview, Christiane Sinnig-Haas, author of a forthcoming book about Quentin Roosevelt, tells about “the most famous American victim of the First World War.”

An Interview with Ellen Sussman, Author of the Novel “French Lessons”

Ellen Sussman’s new novel French Lessons is a sexy, sensual, café-filled story about three Americans who explore Paris while receiving walking French lessons. An entertaining France Revisited interview with the author by Gary Lee Kraut.

The Seine of the Impressionists and of Our Daily Train

Two ways of looking at the Seine: through the eyes of the Impressionists in the guidebook "La Seine Impressionniste" and through the eyes of a videographer in the video "Notre train quotidien" (Our Daily Train).
Elliot Essman

Wine, Women and, Yes, Song

A man with a passion will view the entire world though the optic of that passion. Whatever it may be—wine, women, motorcycles, baseball, Egyptology,...
Leslie Caron

Leslie Caron kicks off the release of her memoir “Thank Heaven”

To those with memories of Hollywood’s Golden Age, watching Leslie Caron in An American in Paris (1951) opposite Gene Kelly was enough to turn...

Following in Annabel Simms’ footsteps (I saw a magpie there)

Annabel Simms’ “An Hour from Paris” is an eye-opening guide to lesser known towns and villages within an easy train ride for daytrips from Paris....

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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