Stephanie Sommers

Stephanie Sommers took her assignment of reporting on Nice's Carnival and Menton's Lemon Festival seriously... and had a seriously great time doing it.

A Night in the Normandy Hotel

This review is specifically written for travelers who would like to stay in a 4-star hotel in Paris but have a less stellar budget....
Carnival parade Menton

Catching the Spirit of Nice’s Winter Carnival and Menton’s Lemon Festival

Stephanie Sommers catches the spirit, the spectacle, the excitement, and the humor of the king of French Carnival celebrations in Nice and its pucker-lipped...
Carnival Nice

The burning of the King and the end of Carnival (8/8)

By Stephanie Sommers Back safely in Nice, I again turned my attention to the Carnival, which came to an end on Sunday night. The burning...
Carnival parade Menton

Riding the post-lemon train from Menton (7/8)

By Stephanie Sommers Another night in Menton; another great meal. Thursday my friends and I went to Menton’s night parade and fireworks display, the last...
Menton Lemon Festival

Why I like Menton… and limoncello (6/8)

By Stephanie Sommers Concurrent with Nice’s great Carnival that I’ve been blogging about, Menton, the pretty French town sitting between the Italian border and Monaco,...

Street food in Nice–the socca party (5/8)

While Nice is holding its Carnival the pretty Riviera town of Menton, on the other side of Monaco, is holding its Lemon Festival. I went to the Citron festivities on Friday night but I’ll write about that later this week because I want now to tell about a rather gorgeous Sunday I passed in Nice’s Carnival epicenter.
Confetti Carnival of Nice

Corso illuminé (4/8)

The Corso Illuminé is the night parade that circles two times around Place Massena on Tuesday and Saturday nights. I’ve been to two corsos, or corsi, now and they are rather spectacular.

La Bataille des Fleurs – The Battle of the Flowers (3/8)

By Stephanie Sommers Honestly, someone should have warned me that the Bataille des Fleurs, the Battle of the Flowers, was not a contest between the...
Carnival of Nice

The Carnival of Nice: The King arrives (2/8)

By Stephanie Sommers The King arrived at 9 pm on Friday. By then it had become apparent when I asked various Niçois what happens on...

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