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Three Paris Vignettes: A Suit, Blue T-Shirts and Some Change

A vignette is a short text that focuses on a moment, a mood, a scene, a character, an encounter, an idea or a place. Here are three Paris vignettes that involve shopping, gift-giving and biking.

April newsletter: Lost notebooks, found pages

I have two bad habits with respect to my writing. 1. I don’t immediately type up my notes. 2. I lose my notebooks. So how to deal with a notebook thief?


Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Beckett, Miller, drama, poetry. On her first visit to Paris, Scottish playwright Morna Young is looking for something as she wanders through the celebrated bookshop Shakespeare and Company but she doesn’t know what… until she finds it.

Blond Girl in Saumur: When Our Eyes Met for the Second Time

A photo/video-log from the Saumur area of the Loire Valley in which Gary Lee Kraut remembers when travel was less about fooding and more about flirting, less about getting reservations and more about losing inhibitions, less about looking for recommendations and more about following your own nose.

Maximum Security Fashion

We're all familiar with the French flair for fashion, with the Parisian affection for scarves, the perfect knot for the perfect occasion. Far beyond the stock image of the elegant Parisienne and her scarf, Donna Evleth goes where few travelers will follow to examine a certain sub-culture of scarfwear in France.

An Impromptu Carol Squad in Paris

It isn’t easy to get into the Christmas spirit on a damp evening in Paris, where the lights don’t shine as brightly and cheerfully as they do back home. But sometimes something magical happens that rekindles the holiday spirit, as Claire Fallou discovered one evening while trudging back to her apartment after a long day’s work.

Notes from the Laverie

It’s a small step from novelist Gil Pender’s encounter with Ernest Hemingway in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris to writer Elizabeth Esris’s encounter with Josette in real life’s early morning in Paris. In fact, just around the corner, as Elizabeth tells in this exquisite travel story.

The Stained Glass Window, a Vignette

In this remarkable vignette, Donna Elveth turns the routine act of walking the dog in her neighborhood in Paris into a story of life and death, art and beauty.

Sinfonietta Paris Chamber Orchestra & The Musical Vignette Contest Winner

France Revisited gets into the musical spirit this week with a quick little writing contest whose winner will receive a set of tickets to...

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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