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Thomas Jefferson by the Solferino Footbridge near the Orsay Museum. Photo GLK

France Revisited Newsletter: The Inauguration Issue

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers, January 19, 2017. We gather here today to recognize and affirm our place in the world. We gather not to walk lock-step towards a single destination, but to wherever our interests, whims and desires may lead us, without willful harm to others. Where are we? Let us consider:

April newsletter: Lost notebooks, found pages

I have two bad habits with respect to my writing. 1. I don’t immediately type up my notes. 2. I lose my notebooks. So how to deal with a notebook thief?

Scraps of 2014, Inspiration for 2015

Anyone else would likely sweep them into the trash, but for me the scraps of paper scribbled with my handwriting that cover the horizontal...

The October Issue

October 2014 -- The current issue of France Revisited contains a snippet of romantic news from Paris and some advice about visiting Monet’s gardens at Giverny, and I’m especially pleased to present you with a 3-part series about what is for English-speaking travelers one of the least known areas of France: French Ardennes.

Labor of Love Day

Monday, September 1, Labor (of Love) Day -- It's a schizophrenic day for Americans living in France, aware as we are that it's Labor Day...

Unlikely Places

July 2014—I don’t find much use for the term “off the beaten track” with regards to France. What track could possibly remain unbeaten in...

The Paris Interlude Issue

May 2014—The search for proper balance between explorations in Paris and elsewhere in France weighs on the minds of many travelers as they plan...

France Revisited’s Jewish Issue

March 2014 – Bonjour, shalom and hello. Last November I was designing an issue of France Revisited by gathering together an assortment articles and stories...

Springtime in Paris… Revisited

March 2014 – In January and February France Revisited fell silent as snowfall in the American northeast, where I spent four weeks on a...

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