WoW: Paris

WALKS of WELL-BEING™ and WALKS of WONDER™, collectively called WoW, are Gary Lee Kraut’s unique Paris walking tours that explore the will-loves rather than the must-sees and that help you rediscover the joyful spirit of travel that first enabled you to leave home.

They are especially designed for fit and curious travelers seeking to connect with the city and its surroundings beyond the basics and beyond the herd mentality.

These Paris walks are typically one-on-one explorations though couples or travel companions interested in visiting Paris in the spirit of WoW are also welcome.

Though akin to highly personalized Paris walking tours, these are not over-planned sightseeing tours in the classic sense (the best of those can be found here) but rather opportunities to fine-tune your spirit of discovery and engage in your surroundings while accompanied by the guy who wrote the book(s) (and hundreds of articles) on Paris.

WoW combine discovery, experience, exercise, encounters, perhaps a drink or bite if you like, and altogether for those moments of magic—being in the right place at the right time.

You can sign up for one session or for multiple sessions. Each session is different.

Why the WoW?

Because wonder and well-being — and Paris itself — aren’t about planning every step of the way. Let the spirit draw you through the city and home again, facilitated by Gary Lee Kraut.

Sometimes you want to approach Paris with a more free-flowing spirit, with a specific destination or must-see focus. Sometimes you don’t want a formal tour so much as a knowing conductor, companion or facilitator to help  you explore the essence of your own travel spirit. Sometimes you want more personal through guided wanderings that break through the “I love Paris” artifice to offer yourself a more engaging and upbeat relationship with a foreign city.

Sounds nice, but what will I see? What will I do? What will I visit? What will I eat and drink?

Relax. If there are specific aspects of Paris (historical, cultural, architectural, culinary, neighborhoods) that you’d like to explore on a WoW then you should certainly mention them when making an appointment. However, WoWs are not itinerary-based Paris walks. (Individuals can always contact Gary for a private non-WoW tour if that’s more what you’re looking for.) These are instead individualized, upbeat, one-on-one explorations that facilitate a dialogue between you and Paris.

Your WoW will have elements that are both structured and unstructured. Remember, WoW is about your personal connection with Paris, your engagement with the city. We’ll speak of travel and of home, of present observations, of past experiences, of moving forward. We’ll find our way through the streets of Paris together.

No set tour, no set agenda. You’ll be led — no, accompanied — on a confidential, personal exploration lasting about 3 hours in which your walk will be enriched by various exercises of observation, of expression, of silence, of storytelling, and of an engaging experience with Paris, all in the spirit of good humor and insightful travels.

Why is the WoW best as a one-on-one exploration?

On his or her own, the individual traveler wants a more personal approach to exploring Paris than couples, families, groups of friends. The individual seeks an intimate even confidential connection with his or her destination or surroundings. Even while hungry for historical and cultural knowledge, the individual is above all nourished by impressions, feelings and reflections.

Those joining Gary on a Paris WoW have inclued a number of travelers in creative fields (professionals or experienced amateurs or students), but all curious travelers are welcome.

To quote some of them:

“WoW indeed – thanks!”
“Loved the night walk, something I never would have done on my own. I think we knew everyone in that bar by the time we left and I don’t even speak French!”
“I’d been to Paris a number of time and though I always love being there I’ve sometimes feel that I’ve lost a bit of my sense of discovery and wonder in the city. You helped bring it back. Merci!”
“As the Seine irrigates Paris, so your Walk of Well-Being irrigated your travel spirit.”
“Loved the impromptu bike ride, the impromptu encounter with the jewelry maker and the impromptu chocolate tasting. In short: loved the impromptu. I guess that’s why you call it WoW.”
“It was the eye-opening details that wowed me. Travel therapy at its best.”


Tired of touring? Go for the WoW!

Is this travel therapy?

Travel, like writing, can have therapeutic value, and examining the connective tissue between yourself and your surroundings (people, places, thoughts, encounters, actions) can have great personal value.  Furthermore, if, like a good massage, your WoW works both the superficial and deeper layers of your connective tissue with your surroundings and helps relieve stress, then so much the better. However, Gary is not a psychotherapist or counselor or guru. He is rather the very knowledgeable and easy-going facilitator of your WoW experience in Paris. His experiences as a traveler, writer and walker in Paris that has trained him to offer this unique approach to dialogue, discovery, well-being and winder in Paris. The only world view that matters here is your own. For actual travel therapy see here.

Leave your baggage behind and take a WALK of WELL-BEING™ or a WALK of WELL-BEING™ in the City of Light.

WoWs are typically one-on-one explorations but there’s no reason to deprive couples or other travel companions from sharing a WoW experience.

When to Wow?

Anytime of day, evening or even night is right for a WoW, whether an early morning WoW to watch the city awake, a morning WoW with a well-set coffee stop, an afternoon WoW to lesser-known neighborhoods, an aperitif-time WoW with a well-timed wine stop, or a nighttime WoW with late-night travelers in mind. How about an exclusive shop ‘n stroll WoW with a chic tea stop conducted by a Paris boutique expert with countless shopping articles to her credit?

What does a WoW cost?
A one-on-one WoW lasting about 3.5 hours = 200 euros. For a second traveler add 80 euros.
Two one-on-one WoWs or a full day (8 hours) = 380 euros. For a second traveler add 120 euros.
Three one-on-one WoWs or a full day (8 hours) + a partial day (3.5 hours) = 540 euros. For a second traveler add 200 euros.

Food and drink and entrance fees, if any, including those of your guide, are at the expense of the traveler(s) to be paid directly during the WoW.


Full-day and Daytrip WoWs. Gary teams with other well-being partners to create full-day explorations that may include spa/massage treatments, sporting activities (biking, jogging, swimming, even shopping), wine encounters and culinary experiences.

Stop the over-planning, go for the WoW!

If interested in taking a Walk of Well-Being or a Walk of Wonder, send an e-mail to gary [at]
Please note whether you’re specifically interested in a WoW or in more classic touring – or a combination of the two. Also indicate your available dates and times and any pertinent information about yourself and your interests.

For the best of more organized private touring and sightseeing in the spirit of France Revisited click here.