Pizza Envy: A Tale of Two Hoods

It’s too much to expect Paris to have great pizza, too, yet decent single-serving, thin-crust pizza can be found in many residential neighborhoods in...

The Cranky Host: A Shuffle Through Montmartre

The guidebooks describe the pleasures of sightseeing in Paris, typically under sunny skies, but ignore the cold, gray, back-aching shuffle through the crowds of the kind that longtime resident Ellen Labelle experienced while visiting Montmartre with friends.

Waterfront hoofin’ in Paris

Those visiting Paris in late July and August are well aware of the existence of Paris Plage, the 5-week beach along the Seine. Much less well known and less visited by foreign visitors is the Paris Plage extension along Bassin de la Villette in 19th arrondissment.

Brunch in Montmartre

Brunch, now a common offering in cafés and eateries throughout Paris, has made a nice home for itself in three distinct establishments on the western side of the hill of Montmartre: the café Le Cafe Qui Parle, the bakery Coquelicot and the restaurant Le Petit Parisien.

The Coulée Verte: A Green and Gentle Promenade in Eastern Paris

Sixteen years before New York's instantly celebrated High Line opened, Paris inaugurated its own planted promenade, a strip of green cutting east-west through the 12th arrondissement along the path of old train tracks. The 3-mile long path of greenery called the Coulée Vert René-Dumont flows from near the Bastille to the Paris beltway, offering views of urban architecture along the way.

On the Champs-Elysées: Dining à la car(te)

Corinne LaBalme test drives the Fall 2014 menu at Renault’s newly re-conditioned showroom/restaurant on the Champs-Elysées. * * * When car-conscious journalists showed up at Renault’s Paris showroom for a press conference about the 3rd Generation Twingo last month, the F-word (femme) was on everybody’s lips.

Paris Street Talk: Merry, the Mural and the Pisser (Merry, la fresque et la...

...As I turned to walk up rue Saint Merri in the Beaubourg Quarter of Paris I was surprised to see that the entire wall of a 5-story building was covered with the image of a face of a man with a finger to its lips. The man was calling for quiet. He had Dali eyes.

Seduction, Wealth and the Skirt-Chasers of the Marais

Thirza Vallois recounts tales of seduction and wealth and the skirt-chasers of the Marais, including Victor Hugo, DSK, a duke, a king and a playwright.

We Were Charlie

After the terrorist attacks of January 7-9, 2015, Paris's Place de la République become the main memorial gathering place. We were Charlie, people said. And then we were what?

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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