Picnicking on the Pont des Arts

Over the past ten years Parisians and visitors alike have gotten into dinnertime picnicking as a way of enjoying the nonchalant beauty of Paris...

We Were Charlie

After the terrorist attacks of January 7-9, 2015, Paris's Place de la République become the main memorial gathering place. We were Charlie, people said. And then we were what?

Le Comptoir Général, Either You Get It or You Don’t

You think you're hip but you still don’t know that Le Comptoir General, a bar and events space across the street from Canal Saint Martin, is among the hippest spaces in Paris this spring?

The Cranky Urbanist: Paris Doesn’t Need the Triangle Tower

Responding to France Revisited's call for an opinion article from various opponents to Paris City Hall’s push to approve the construction of a 180-meter (590-foot) high-rise known as the Triangle Tower, Patrice Maire, president of the association Mont 14, stepped up to the plate with "Will Paris Be Modernized or Disfigured?"

Departure of signs and numbers from the heart of Paris

My favorite little shop in Paris, one of the last living vestiges of the historical belly of Paris that was the Les Halles Quarter, closed at the end of July 2009. It had been a long time coming--rather, going. It isn’t easy making a living selling...

On the Rising Edge of Paris: The View from Batignolles

Journalist Corinne LaBalme, a resident of the Batignolles Quarter of Paris’s 17th arrondissement, puzzles over the construction of a 525-foot glass tower that will house the Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI), the centerpiece of a 123-acre development on the northeastern edge of the city.

Street Talk: Boys Will Be Boys, the Pissoirs of Paris

Pissoirs and vespassiennes, the scantily hidden public urinals that so defined the streets, squares and parks of Paris from the late 1830s to the early...

Paris on the Edge: Does the French Capital Need High-Rises and Towers to Stay...

One doesn't usually think of this low dense city having much in the way of a skyline, but Paris is now in the well advanced planning stages for the most significant changes to the city’s architectural profile in 40 years.

Pizza Envy: A Tale of Two Hoods

It’s too much to expect Paris to have great pizza, too, yet decent single-serving, thin-crust pizza can be found in many residential neighborhoods in...

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