Music video: She Walked Along the River (The T-Shirt Song)

France Revisited is thrilled to announce the release of our first travel music video, She Walked Along the River (The T-Shirt Song). The song (Rated-R)...

Train Stop: Paris Gare de l’Est

Whether you've got a ticket or not, the old (and renovated) train stations of Paris are worth a stop, such as here at Gare...

The Cranky Urbanist: Paris Doesn’t Need the Triangle Tower

Responding to France Revisited's call for an opinion article from various opponents to Paris City Hall’s push to approve the construction of a 180-meter (590-foot) high-rise known as the Triangle Tower, Patrice Maire, president of the association Mont 14, stepped up to the plate with "Will Paris Be Modernized or Disfigured?"

An Hour from Paris: Chateau Thierry’s American WWI Sights (photolog)

Belleau Wood, the Aisne-Marne American War Cemetery and the Chateau Thierry War Monument are only an hour’s drive from Paris, in Picardy, an easy...

Florida Forgives Jim Morrison for Dying in Paris

Here’s an image from Paris’s Père Lachaise Cemetery of the well-visited grave of Jim Morrison (1943-1971), frontman for the Doors, ...

Paris on the Edge: Does the French Capital Need High-Rises and Towers to Stay...

One doesn't usually think of this low dense city having much in the way of a skyline, but Paris is now in the well advanced planning stages for the most significant changes to the city’s architectural profile in 40 years.

Paris Is for Nerds

From Eiffel’s engineering to Pasteur’s rabies vaccine, from the trace of the Paris meridian to the swing of Foucault’s pendulum, from the Botanical Garden to the Discovery Palace, science holds a place of honor in the French capital. It’s a place that’s often ignored.

Skytrees: Montmartre By Nightfall

Skytrees: Visions of time and place found by looking up through trees at an angle of more than 45 degrees. Here are some prime examples of skytrees in Paris and a recommendable restaurant entered at nightfall in Montmartre.

Radiating from Paris: Our Glorious Ladies of Gothic Architecture (Part I: Paris, Laon, Chartres)

As Paris prepares the jubilee celebration honoring the 850th anniversary of the beginning of construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1163, France Revisited pays homage to that great Gothic monument at the center of the capital and to four other Notre-Dame Cathedrals within 100 miles of Paris. This is a two-part article. Part I below concerns Notre-Dames of Paris, Laon and Chartres. Part II concerns Notre-Dames of Reims and Amiens and includes practical tips for visiting all five.

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