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Everything the hungry and thirsty traveler would like to know about food and drink in Paris, including reviews, lists and comments about restaurants, bistros, brasseries, bars, food markets, food shops, beverage shops, chefs, waiters and all things culinary.

IKRA: Russian Cuisine (and a Red Piano) in the 6th Arrondissement

What is it about Paris cabarets and Russian émigrés that brings out everyone’s inner gypsy? It’s got to be more than borscht, no? Is it Garbo in Ninotchka? Ingrid Bergman in Anastasia? Corinne LaBalme says “привет” (we hope that means “hello”) to IKRA, the newest Cossack café in town.

La Ferrandaise: An Ode to a Cow and to a Region

Even after living in Paris for 30 years, Gilles Lamiot, proprietor of this highly satisfying restaurant near the Luxembourg Garden, sounds as though he’s...

Paris Restaurants: 10 Ways to Keep It Simple and Simply Good

Those who live in Paris know that it isn't all about fine dining but about dining with fine friends. Here's a selection of 10 restaurants and other eateries throughout Paris for when you want to keep it simple, simply good.

A Paris Cupcake Diary, Featuring Macaroons, Too

In which the author examines the parallel lives of the cupcake and the Parisian macaroon and opens up his cupcake diary to tell where to get the best cupcakes in Paris.

A feel-good evening and a tough next day

An evening in the second arrondissement: A stop in at Harry's Bar, a Paris slice of Pax Americana, followed by dinner at classic old brasserie Gallopin.

Chef Talk: A Lunchtime Cooking Class at Atelier Guy Martin

A class at the cooking workshop of chef Guy Martin In the context of my investigations into the Parisian culinary world of the great French chef. Video.

Paris Restaurant Report: Villa Corse and the Versatility of Brocciu Cheese

When it gets too cold to sunbathe in Corsica, the Isle of Beauty gears up for fromage frenzy. Corinne LaBalme visits Paris's Villa Corse just in time for the beginning of brocciu season.

Little Black Easter Eggs: Spring Caviar Comes to Paris

It’s lucky that sturgeon don’t put much stock in astrology. All the roe that would normally be reading “Aries” and “Taurus” fish-scopes for the...

Picnicking on the Pont des Arts

risians and visitors alike have gotten into picnicking as a way of enjoying the company of friends and the beauty of Paris on warm evenings. Here's where to picnic in Paris,

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