Radiating from Paris: Our Glorious Ladies of Gothic Architecture (Part II: Reims, Amiens, Practical...

France Revisited pays homage to that great Gothic monument at the center of the capital and to four other Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedrals within 100 miles of Paris in a two-part article. Part II below concerns Notre-Dames of Reims and Amiens and includes practical tips for visiting all five. Part I concerns Notre-Dames of Paris, Laon and Chartres.

Ville Impériale (Imperial City), a New Trademark, Promotes Napoleonic Tourism

The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, created by Charles Napoleon, launches the trademark and logo “Ville Impériale” (Imperial City) in the town of Rueil-Malmaison, home to Josephine's Chateau de Malmaison.

The Art of Punching, Kissing and Lunching: Monet, Renoir and the Impressionist Island near...

From the Orsay Museum to Impressionist Island in the suburb of Paris, a view of Impressionism both indoors and out. Featuring Monet, Renoir and a couple of art vandals.

Van Gogh and Zadkine in Auvers-sur-Oise: Is There Anything to See?

“There’s nothing to see here,” he says before we enter room #5 at the Auberge Ravoux, the inn where Vincent Van Gogh lived and...

Wealth and Politics: An East-West Primer for Paris and the Surrounding Region

The French electorate doesn’t necessarily vote according to its relative wealth, yet relative wealth is a pretty good indicator of voting strength, particularly in...

Daytrip from Paris: The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Laon

Eighty-five miles northeast of Paris there stands on the plateau of the old town of Laon one of the great, undervisited Gothic cathedrals of...

Beyond Versailles: The Chevreuse Valley, Breteuil, Vaux de Cernay, Rambouillet

A daytrip or overnight from Paris into the Chevreuse Valley, including Chevreuse, the Chateau de Breteuil, the Chateau de Dampierre, the Hotel/Abbey of Vaux de Cernay, Rambouillet, and the Forest of Rambouillet.

Sometimes, when nature calls…

Sometimes, when the weather’s nice and I feel nature calling, I’ll take the RER out of the city, not too far, a half-hour ride west from the center of Paris. Actually, it isn't nature calling but a friend of mine who lives out there.

An Hour from Paris: Chateau Thierry’s American WWI Sights (photolog)

Belleau Wood, the Aisne-Marne American War Cemetery and the Chateau Thierry War Monument are only an hour’s drive from Paris, in Picardy, an easy...

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