An Hour from Paris: Chateau Thierry’s American WWI Sights (photolog)

Belleau Wood, the Aisne-Marne American War Cemetery and the Chateau Thierry War Monument are only an hour’s drive from Paris, in Picardy, an easy...

Not Exactly a Restaurant Review of Quai Ouest in Saint-Cloud

This is not exactly a restaurant review of Quai Ouest, a Seine-side restaurant just west of Paris in Saint-Cloud, now owned by Valerie Thomas-Colin. Saint-Cloud very much

Radiating from Paris: Our Glorious Ladies of Gothic Architecture (Part I: Paris, Laon, Chartres)

As Paris prepares the jubilee celebration honoring the 850th anniversary of the beginning of construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1163, France Revisited pays homage to that great Gothic monument at the center of the capital and to four other Notre-Dame Cathedrals within 100 miles of Paris. This is a two-part article. Part I below concerns Notre-Dames of Paris, Laon and Chartres. Part II concerns Notre-Dames of Reims and Amiens and includes practical tips for visiting all five.

Sometimes, when nature calls…

Sometimes, when the weather’s nice and I feel nature calling, I’ll take the RER out of the city, not too far, a half-hour ride west from the center of Paris. Actually, it isn't nature calling but a friend of mine who lives out there.

Versailles, Versigh, Versails, Versighs, Versize, Versace: How I Learned to Forget the Crowds and...

Part I: Marie-Antoinette's Versailles Featuring Lolly Winston Until recently I’d cringe when visiting friends would ask me to take them to Versailles. Too crowded, too...

Street Art: Gilles Sacksick, the Animal Painter… and Artist

A photo vignette about street art and scaffolding covers, featuring animals at the National Veterinary School in Maisons-Alforts, a wall painted with attitude in Paris's 10th arrondissement and the capital's historical judicial complex where, sadly, everyone is now sentenced to Life.

Va-nu-pieds: Returning to Parc de Sceaux

Va-nu-pieds, the Barefoot Photographer, feels the irrepressible pull of nature as he revisits the Parc de Sceaux south of Paris.

Royal Chapel of Vincennes reopens 9 years after storm

Far less known than the Sainte Chapelle in Paris is France's other great Sainte Chapelle of France, the royal chapel at the Chateau de Vincennes, which reopened on May 13, 2009, after nine years of restoration.

Vice & Versailles: A Master Gardener Delves Into the Dark Shadows of the Louis...

As head gardener of Versailles Alain Baraton is responsible for restoring and maintaining the majesty of the backyard of kings, but he appears to relish in declaring that “Versailles was a great shop of horrors.” In the book "Vice et Versailles" Baraton leads readers into the dark side of the great palace.

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