Saint-Germain-en-Laye By Day, Pavillon Henri IV By Night

Versailles naturally grabs the lion’s share of daytrip attention due to its chateau. But Saint-Germain-en-Laye, one of its predecessors as an official residence of the Court of France, is also a likeable town for an afternoon stroll-about. One feels less an intruder—and tourist—here than in Versailles.

Sometimes, when nature calls…

Sometimes, when the weather’s nice and I feel nature calling, I’ll take the RER out of the city, not too far, a half-hour ride west from the center of Paris. Actually, it isn't nature calling but a friend of mine who lives out there.

Quentin Roosevelt, fils du président américain, mort pour la France le 14 juillet 1918

Un entretien France Revisited avec Christiane Sinnig-Haas, auteur d’un ouvrage sur l’Américain Quentin Roosevelt (1897-1918), fils cadet du Président Théodore, mort dans un combat aérien au dessus de la France le 14 juillet 1918 près de Château-Thierry lors de la Première guerre mondiale.

Royal Chapel of Vincennes reopens 9 years after storm

Far less known than the Sainte Chapelle in Paris is France's other great Sainte Chapelle of France, the royal chapel at the Chateau de Vincennes, which reopened on May 13, 2009, after nine years of restoration.

Wealth and Politics: An East-West Primer for Paris and the Surrounding Region

The French electorate doesn’t necessarily vote according to its relative wealth, yet relative wealth is a pretty good indicator of voting strength, particularly in...

Quentin Roosevelt, President’s Son, the Most Famous American Killed in France in WWI

Quentin Roosevelt, son of Theodore Roosevelt and his second wife Edith, was shot down by German planes during aerial combat over France on July 14, 1918, northeast of Paris between Château-Thierry and Reims.In this exclusive France Revisited interview, Christiane Sinnig-Haas, author of a forthcoming book about Quentin Roosevelt, tells about “the most famous American victim of the First World War.”

Elephants and Paradise: 10 Hours in Amiens

Amiens is unlikely to appear in the top 10 of any objective lists of daytrips from Paris, but who ever said that a traveler...

Daytrip from Paris: The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Laon

Eighty-five miles northeast of Paris there stands on the plateau of the old town of Laon one of the great, undervisited Gothic cathedrals of...

Barefoot in the Parc de Sceaux

A bike and foot path called La Coulée Verte du Sud Parisien flows south from the edge of Paris by way of the lovely Parc de Sceaux.

Private Paris & France Tours

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