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The Rothschilds in France, a 19th-century Riches to Riches Story

Rothschild: whether pronounced in English, German, Italian or English, the name has for 200 years signified wealth, in particular Jewish wealth. We still speak, as do the French, of someone as being rich as Rothschild—or more likely not rich as Rothschild.

Yiddish, a Language of France, 70 Years Out of Hiding at Paris Cultural Center...

Yiddish is a live and well in Paris at the Medem Library, the largest Yiddish cultural center in Europe.

Van Gogh and Zadkine in Auvers-sur-Oise: Is There Anything to See?

“There’s nothing to see here,” he says before we enter room #5 at the Auberge Ravoux, the inn where Vincent Van Gogh lived and...

Radiating from Paris: Our Glorious Ladies of Gothic Architecture (Part I: Paris, Laon, Chartres)

As Paris prepares the jubilee celebration honoring the 850th anniversary of the beginning of construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral in 1163, France Revisited pays homage to that great Gothic monument at the center of the capital and to four other Notre-Dame Cathedrals within 100 miles of Paris. This is a two-part article. Part I below concerns Notre-Dames of Paris, Laon and Chartres. Part II concerns Notre-Dames of Reims and Amiens and includes practical tips for visiting all five.

Defining Expatriates: American Women Between the World Wars

When does an American stop being a long-term resident of Paris and become an expatriate? The answer depends on both the subject and the...

Do the Rooftops of Paris Have “Outstanding Universal Value”?

Looking out over the rooftops of the city the view is romantic for some, lusty grey for others, a commercial dream for roofers—altogether Paris. In recent months the most attractive view over the capital has been from District Hall of the 9th arrondissement, where District Mayor Delphine Bürkli is spearheading the committee to present the rooftops of Paris as a candidate for inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Floating Metro to Arrive in Paris in 2013

Parisians will soon be able to take a boat to work, while visitors can navigate their way through the city by cruising along the...

Paris on the Edge: Does the French Capital Need High-Rises and Towers to Stay...

One doesn't usually think of this low dense city having much in the way of a skyline, but Paris is now in the well advanced planning stages for the most significant changes to the city’s architectural profile in 40 years.

A Seat in Paris: 100 French Chairs 1951-1961

Imagine sitting in avant-garde style in Paris between 1951 and 1961. Pascal Cuisiner invites visitors to take a seat, or at least a view of a seat, in the lap of those years through an exceptional collection of 100 chairs from what he calls “the first modern French designers," presented at two locations in Paris.

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