Paris on the Run: A Guide for the Jogging Traveler

Looking for the best places to jog in Paris? Join Parisian runners with in these six parks and gardens. Also contains a schedule of major races in the city.

A Year Ends, A Year Begins in a Hopeful Little Paris Garden

The year 2015 ends on a bright and hopeful day in Paris. I’m relieved to feel no compulsion to come up with resolutions for 2016; I can simply reuse those of 2015 since none of them was realized. Something about this makes me happy.
Joe Wilkins shooting at the BTC de Gonesse

The Borrowed Gun: Sports Shooting in France

Please don’t think that I’m looking to enter the fray of the hot-button topic of gun control in the United States when I tell...

This is a linden

The linden, le tilleul, has for centuries been a favored tree of European cityscapes, most famously along Berlin’s Under der Linden, which leads from...

Winter Benches, Paris

There’s a special atmosphere to the gardens and parks of Paris in winter, before the leaves appear on the trees and block the view. Brandon...

Ballooning over Paris from Parc André Citroën

The tethered helium balloon in Parc Andre Citroen on the southwestern edge of Paris offers a queueless, stepless view of the expanse of the city and of its southern and western suburbs.

Statue of Liberty Given Place of Honor in the Orsay Museum

Joining Whistler’s Mother, Van Gogh’s Self-portrait, Degas’s ballerinas, and many more, the Musée d’Orsay took on another familiar face this month when Liberty was given place of honor on a pedestal near the entrance to the museum’s great nave. The Orsay Museum had long claimed that Liberty rightfully belonged within its walls rather than in the Luxembourg Garden, where it previously stood.

Barefoot in the Parc de Sceaux

A bike and foot path called La Coulée Verte du Sud Parisien flows south from the edge of Paris by way of the lovely Parc de Sceaux.

Celebrating Le Nôtre: An American Photographer Explores the Tuileries Garden

France Revisited joins France's celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of André Le Nôtre, the father of French gardens, with seven stunning photos of Paris's most historical garden, the Tuileries Garden, by American photographer Elise Prudhomme.

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