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One can spend a lifetime exploring Paris and the greater Paris called Ile de France. While most of the articles in this section focus on sights, tastes, history, shops, art and life in the capital, we also make frequent trips to Versailles, Fontainebleau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Barbizon, Chantilly, Auvers-sur-Oise, the Chevreuse Valley and other notable places in the surrounding region.

Love Locks on the Bridges of Paris

Some see them as graffiti, others view them as symbols of love placed at the heart of a romantic city. They are the love locks of Paris, attached to historic bridges over the River Seine. A France Revisited audio-slideshow.
Le Génie de la Bastille / The Spirit of the Bastille.

Va-nu-pieds: The Spirit of the Bastille

Va-nu-pied, the Barefoot Photographer, feels the spirit of the liberty at Place de la Bastille.

Jacques Brel Opens for Edith Piaf

Jacques Brel opening for Edith Piaf? It sounds like the concert that dreams are made of. And it’s actually taking place as two talented performers, Patricia Kaas and Olivier Laurent, bring the past to life on a Franco-Belgian tour from Feb. 12 to April 19, 2013.

25 Paris Restaurants: A List Beyond The List, Part 1

If you were to gather into a single list all of the Paris restaurants that Americans are considering before visiting this year there would be so much overlap it would likely contain no more than 20 different addresses. This article seeks to broaden travelers' sense of the possibilities.

Royal Chapel of Vincennes reopens 9 years after storm

Far less known than the Sainte Chapelle in Paris is France's other great Sainte Chapelle of France, the royal chapel at the Chateau de Vincennes, which reopened on May 13, 2009, after nine years of restoration.

Angelina At 110 Pursues the Sweet Life In Paris and Beyond

Angelina, the most famous tea room in Paris, celebrated its 110 anniversary this fall by developing its brand around the world, selling its beloved hot chocolate on the train, creating new pastries and launching a club for sweet-toothed women, while maintaining the traditions that continue to draw crowds to the Belle Epoque mother ship on rue de Rivoli.

Picnicking on the Pont des Arts

Over the past ten years Parisians and visitors alike have gotten into dinnertime picnicking as a way of enjoying the nonchalant beauty of Paris...

The Cranky Pedestrian: The Barefoot Photographer Rants Against Bicycle Cadavers

A call for contributors to turn a cranky eye on their surroundings brought forth a photographic rant from Va-nu-pieds, France Revisited’s fetish photographer, who’s fed up with the sight of bicycle cadavers on the sidewalks of Paris.

A Paris Cupcake Diary, Featuring Macaroons, Too

In which the author examines the parallel lives of the cupcake and the Parisian macaroon and opens up his cupcake diary to tell where to get the best cupcakes in Paris.

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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