Three Paris Vignettes: A Suit, Blue T-Shirts and Some Change

A vignette is a short text that focuses on a moment, a mood, a scene, a character, an encounter, an idea or a place. Here are three Paris vignettes that involve shopping, gift-giving and biking.

To Those (Re)Considering coming to Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis on November 13 killed 130 people and left hundreds more wounded. The immediate target was joie de vivre in the City of Light: the pleasure of sharing a drink or a meal with friends, of listening to music, of strolling down the street, of kissing on the sidewalk, of men and women mingling and dressing freely, of gathering comfortably with strangers, of being young in years or young at heart, of openly celebrating life. Those are all things that you, the visitor and the return traveler, look forward to when you imagine (re)visiting Paris.

The Charlie Hebdo Survivor Issue and the Sabbath Candles

The week after terror attacks that targeted journalists at Charlie Hebdo and Jews at the kosher grocery millions of people bought the survivor edition of Charlie Hebdo out of solidarity with the victims and what they represented. But did any think of buying kosher food?

Parisians Show Knee: Paris Fashion Police No Longer Forbid Men’s Shorts

PARIS FASHION FLASH: It’s been a long time coming but the Paris fashion police have finally received the circular concerning shorts, now making it acceptable for local men to show their knees on the street.

Dear Notre-Dame: A Letter for Pentecost Time

Dear Notre-Dame, I understand that only the pope is infallible and that his eyes can’t be everywhere, but the next time you’re printing up a...

You know you’re back in Paris when…

You know you're back in Paris when... Here are 10 signs that I'm back in Paris after 6 weeks in the U.S.

“Patrimoine,” French Heritage and Travel in France

In November 2012 I was elected to the administrative board of the Association des journalistes du patrimoine (AJP), France’s Heritage Journalists Association, the first foreign journalist to join the board in the association’s 10 years of existence. Exploring patrimoine/heritage in France.

Scarf Season Arrives in Paris

It was bound to happen. They were just waiting for the ideal conditions. On Monday September 17 those conditions arrived: a cool light breeze, grey...

On the Lecture Circuit: My Mother Is French

I normally speak to groups that invite me because they're interested in the subject of my talk, whether some aspect of travel, wine, culture, writing or travel journalism. But at this recent event the group didn’t have any prior interest in France as far as I could tell, so I was unsure about the best approach to speak to them about the country where I live.

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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