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Staying human: the French class massacre

“And the girl I was with was really brave. She didn’t cry the whole time. I know she got shot in the back, and...

Unlikely Places

July 2014—I don’t find much use for the term “off the beaten track” with regards to France. What track could possibly remain unbeaten in...
Plateau Gergovie

Home is where the vine is

Lindsey Wallace, an American student on junior year abroad, reflects on the meaning of home.

Va-nu-pieds’ Wall for All Seasons

Va-nu-pieds, the Barefoot Photographer, records the change in seasons in Paris by keeping an eye on the Virginia creeper that hangs along the wall of a building a step away from where he lives.

The November Newsletter: From Le Black Friday to Le Cyber Monday

At first, last Friday, I thought it was the ad campaign for a new American horror film opening in Paris. I then realized that the notices for a mind-control experiment meets an invasion of the body snatchers were real: BLACK FRIDAY had arrived in France. Not just any Black Friday, but LE Black Friday

What Parisians Want, Exhibit 9

Paris, June 2012 -- Michelangelo it ain't, but this ad poster for taking the Eurostar to London for the Olympics, now showing in the Paris metro system, manages to make fun of the English, refer to great art and show genitalia. What more could a Parisian want?

Teach a man to print stamps and he’ll communicate with the world

Service at my local post office has improved over the years, but as this recent experience shows modernizing and privatizing a French post office doesn't necessarily modernize and humanize the employees.

Travel in the Spirit of France Revisited

Readers can now take advantage of highly personalized travel and touring opportunities in the spirit of France Revisited. Travel beyond the cliches and enjoy experiences that are exclusive, entertaining, insightful and relaxed.

The Paris Interlude Issue

May 2014—The search for proper balance between explorations in Paris and elsewhere in France weighs on the minds of many travelers as they plan...

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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