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Staying human: the French class massacre

“And the girl I was with was really brave. She didn’t cry the whole time. I know she got shot in the back, and...

Unlikely Places

July 2014—I don’t find much use for the term “off the beaten track” with regards to France. What track could possibly remain unbeaten in...
Plateau Gergovie

Home is where the vine is

Lindsey Wallace, an American student on junior year abroad, reflects on the meaning of home.

France Elevates Poet Aimé Césaire to Status of “Great Man” at Pantheon

April 6, 2011 – Little noticed and scantily attended on a warm and sunny spring day, France showed its gratitude to one of its...

On the Radio with Peter Greenberg, The Travel Detective

On the occasion of the opening of the new Peninsula Hotel in Paris this summer, American radio and television personality Peter Greenberg, aka The Travel Detective, invited me to be one of his radio guests in order to talk about the best approach to visiting Paris. The show aired on Nov. 1, 2014 and can be heard in podcast.

Tasted, Tested: Co-taste-testers sought for food and drink expeditions in Paris and beyond

France Revisited seeks co-taste-testers for a new series of articles about local food and drink products and their producers in France.

Roasted French Food Porn (Includes Recipe)

I know food bloggers are supposed to be into food, but do they really have to tell us everything they eat? They remind me of 12-year-old girls with half-chewed food in their mouth, sticking their tongues out to get attention. Not very appetizing.

Travel in the Spirit of France Revisited

Readers can now take advantage of highly personalized travel and touring opportunities in the spirit of France Revisited. Travel beyond the cliches and enjoy experiences that are exclusive, entertaining, insightful and relaxed.

The Paris Interlude Issue

May 2014—The search for proper balance between explorations in Paris and elsewhere in France weighs on the minds of many travelers as they plan...

Private Paris & France Tours

Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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