Paris Hotels: 7 Secret Garden Bars

From a glamorous 4-star hotel to a hip budget hideaway by way of an elegant BnB, here are seven Paris inns offering unexpected oases, notable whether you're lodging there or just looking for an open-air bar away from car fumes.

Biarritz Hotels: Hotel du Palais, Café de Paris, Windsor, Edouard VII, Mercure Plaza

Accompanying France Revisited's examination of surfing and museums in Biarritz, here are five notable hotels in the mid and upper price ranges, i.e. 3-,4- and 5-star hotels, including the history of the imperial residence that launched Biarritz as an international resort destination.

A Night in the Hotel Aviatic in the 6th Arrondissement

In which the author spends the night in the Hotel Aviatic in Paris's 6th arrondissement and the day exploring the area within a 3-minute-walk radius.

A Night in the Normandy Hotel

This review is specifically written for travelers who would like to stay in a 4-star hotel in Paris but have a less stellar budget....

A Night at Hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche: Infidelity on Rue Monsieur le Prince

All travel carries a scent of infidelity. The eye wanders, the senses get curious, the smile invites foreign conversations, and at night you grope...

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Award-winning travel writer and editor Gary Lee Kraut is the go-to guy for individuals and agencies seeking personalized tours, events and advice in Paris and throughout France.

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