A meal at the Quaker Center of Congénies

Quakers in France: Finding Friends in Languedoc

Judy Kashoff tells of the history of Quakers in France and settles in for a visit at the Quaker House in Congénies in Languedoc.

Adventures in Southwest France: A Home in the Landes

In which an English family move into a once-prestigious property in southwest France with hopes of enjoying the good life abroad. What they discovered was hard work… and the good life abroad.

Fish-Skin Leather Artisan Brings Siberian Tradition to Dordogne

Hidden in the Dordogne hills on a narrow street of the village of Fanlac, Janet Duignan discovers the marriage of ancient Siberian tradition and European craftsmanship in Kristof Mascher's fish leather handbags, belts and cases.

Jason and the Armagnacs

In the gastronomic jigsaw of Gascony, travel writer John M. Edwards goes prospecting for the amber eau-de-vie Armagnac while housesitting a 15th-century farmhouse. * *...

Travel Photography Festival in Bordeaux

Now here’s a photography festival that’s right up our alley: the 22nd annual Travel Photography Festival of Bordeaux, Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs. The festival, running April 1-29, 2012, reveals a diversity of approaches to travel and place by French photographers who collectively present far-flung “itineraries” from Bordeaux to Tokyo to Africa to South America.

La Rochelle: A Winter Wanderbout in an Old Port Town, Part I: Night

I’ve just checked into a mundane hotel in La Rochelle, a port town for all seasons situated along the Atlantic between Bordeaux and the...

Languedoc Trails: When a Dream of a Horseback Ride Turns into a Nightmare

Horseback riding in southwest France with a stunning view of the Pyrenees over their shoulders was a dream come true for Judy and Dave...

La Rochelle: A Winter Wanderbout in an Old Port Town, Part II: Day

The following morning is sunny and cool. I have breakfast in a café facing the port. I visit the Saturday morning market in and...

In Roussillon: Stilettos and Misericordes at Fort Saint Elme

We are now accustomed to the tools of the trade of character assassination. But medieval warfare required tools of more penetrating assassination such as the stilettos and misericordes on display among other medieval weaponry and armor at Fort Saint Elme, overlooking the Mediterranean just north of the Spanish border at Collioure in Languedoc-Roussillon.

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