Café Librairie Gwerzienn, Becherel, Brittany. L. Napoli

Bécherel: A Beloved Book Town in Brittany

In which an American couple with a cottage in Brittany goes searching for books and also find character in the beloved book town of Bécherel. By James and Luanne Napoli.

Destination Brittany, final part (5): The return home

Destination Brittany, travels with Henri, part 5: In which Henri and I kiss our host good-bye, visit Dinan and speed back to Paris.

Destination Brittany, part 4 of 5: tu, vous, and ma promenade

Destination Brittany, travels with Henri, part 4 of 5: Just before the party in Dinard on Saturday evening another guest arrived at the neighbor’s house where Henri and I were staying. He was a young actor from Paris and he, too, knocked at the door empty-handed except for his overnight bag.

Destination Brittany, part 3 of 5: party clothes

Destination Brittany, travels with Henri, part 3 of 5: My brother Jon would have loved Dinard. He liked anything with the word resort in it: beach resort, ski resort, island resort, tennis resort. Wearing “smart casual” or “resort casual” came natural to him. After he died in a plane accident in 2006 my three other brothers and I inherited his clothes.

Destination Brittany, part 2 of 5: Exploring the Coast

In which Henri and I explore the Emerald Coast of Brittany from Saint Malo to Cancale by way of Jacques Cartier's house, the sculpted rocks near Rothéneuf and the Point du Grouin

Destination Brittany, part 1 of 5: Travels with Henri

Destination Brittany, travels with Henri, Part I: Henri and I had never taken a road trip together, so we had no way of knowing how compatible we would be in deciding which towns and sights to visit along the way and where to stop for lunch or coffee or even a pee.
Grizzled sardiner by monsieur.ivan. La Turballe Sardine Festival.

La Turballe Sardine Festival

Numerous port towns on Europe's Atlantic coast hold an annual Sardine Festival in July and August, with a large concentration of such events in France in...

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