The Assless Elephants of Chambery Head Off for Restoration

Imagine if Paris disassembled the Eiffel Tower to recast its iron or Carcassonne dismantled its ramparts to recut the stone and you can understand the visual trauma to the small city of Chambery in the foothills of the French Alps when the four beloved pachyderms of the Fountain of Elephants were removed...

Chambery: Civic Pride and the Four Assless Elephants

Chambery, a city of 58,000 at the base of the Alps, aspires to “the sweetness of life in a pleasant and secure society” as it honors its art, its history and its elephants.

Chambery Revisited: Reflections on a Pre-Alpine Valley Town

In which the author visits and revisits Chambery, the capital of Savoy in the Rhone-Alpes region, remembers old stones and water slides, tries to see the mountains through the mist, contemplates reading Rousseau, going cycling and visiting a museum, takes a cruise on Lake Bourget from Aix-les-Bains, goes skiing with Italians on Grand Revard, and reports on hotels and restaurants in and around Chambery.

The Decorated Cave of Pont-D’Arc Joins World Heritage List

Though not quite as exuberant as the cheers that follow a victory in the World Cup, hurrahs rang strong in certain quarters of conservationism and tourism in France when UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee elected in June to inscribe the Decorated Cave of Pont-d’Arc, also known as the Grotte Chauvet (Chauvet Cave), on the World Heritage List of cultural properties.

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