The Assless Elephants of Chambery Head Off for Restoration

Imagine if Paris disassembled the Eiffel Tower to recast its iron or Carcassonne dismantled its ramparts to recut the stone and you can understand the visual trauma to the small city of Chambery in the foothills of the French Alps when the four beloved pachyderms of the Fountain of Elephants were removed...

Blois Castle: The Key to the Loire Valley

To Blois or not to Blois, that is the question that travelers ask when planning their itinerary of Loire Valley chateaux. Though not as photogenic as some the other stars of the valley, Blois, easily accessible from Paris, is in many ways the key to understanding royal history and architecture all along the Loire. This illustrated article examines the men and women who made Blois, followed by information about hotels, B&Bs and restaurants in Blois and in the surrounding area.

Advice and Itineraries for Visiting the D-Day Landing Zone of Normandy

Reaping the personal rewards of visiting the D-Day Landing Zone and surrounding area of Normandy, whether on a guided D-Day tour or on your...

Market Day in France: The Southeast, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

From the bulls in the Camargue to the olive trees of Provence, from the vineyards of the Rhone Valley to the lemon trees of Menton and from the fig trees of Solliès to the apple orchards of Haute Durance, the agriculture of southeast France (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur) offers a variety of stunning landscapes and notable products to travelers in search of local and regional gastronomy.

A Champagne Diary: 3 Grapes, 3 Lunches, 3 Dinners, a Bit of Chocolate, and...

“Drink the wine, not the label” is both a lofty and a homey approach to wine, and nowhere is that more important than with...

Drome Provencale: Medieval Towns, Castles, Olives, Lavender and Silk (Part 3 of 3)

Some impressions and practical information concerning the area covered in Parts 1 and 2 of “Eat like a sixth grader, drink like a wine...

Miss Mimosa and the Big Wheel Over Paris

An encounter with Phileas Fogg in Paris on his way the winter festivities on the Riviera: Mandelieu's Mimosa Festival, Nice's Carnaval, Menton's Lemon Festival.

La Rochelle: A Winter Wanderbout in an Old Port Town, Part II: Day

The following morning is sunny and cool. I have breakfast in a café facing the port. I visit the Saturday morning market in and...

On the Farm: WWOOFing in Dordogne, France

Erica Romkema takes a WWOOF vacations by working on a farm in exchange room and board and a great community experience when she goes WWOOFing in the enchanting region of Dordogne, France.

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