Meal cost: inexpensive to moderate

My World Cup runneth over

Alice Abene's Massai Mara, a gathering place for the Cameroonian (and wider central African) community in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Organic wines and good food at Les Fines Gueules

There are wine bars of atmosphere where you go to be a part of a crowd and there are wine bars of knowledge where...

Paris Restaurants: 10 Ways to Keep It Simple and Simply Good

Those who live in Paris know that it isn't all about fine dining but about dining with fine friends. Here's a selection of 10 restaurants and other eateries throughout Paris for when you want to keep it simple, simply good.

Paris Street Talk: Gastronomy, Pastries and Wine on Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 6th Arr.

The major culinary arts school Ferrandi, the fine pastry shop and tea room Colorova and the quirky wine shop and tasting room Le Vin en Bouche put rue de l’Abbé Grégoire on the gastronomy map of the 6th arrondissement.

Not Exactly a Restaurant Review of Quai Ouest in Saint-Cloud

This is not exactly a restaurant review of Quai Ouest, a Seine-side restaurant just west of Paris in Saint-Cloud, now owned by Valerie Thomas-Colin. Saint-Cloud very much

Adventures in Vietnamese Cuisine, Paris

What happens when two restaurant and travel writers meet to test a restaurant together? Do they eye each other warily over tall menus? Do...

Fashion Food Alert: Angelina’s Spring-Summer Collection

Don't be seen with last year's cream puff! In Paris, haute couture extends all the way to the dessert trolley. Even a venerable let-them-eat-cake institution like Angelina, founded in 1903, has to keep up with the trifle trends.

Pizza Envy: A Tale of Two Hoods

It’s too much to expect Paris to have great pizza, too, yet decent single-serving, thin-crust pizza can be found in many residential neighborhoods in...

Brunch in Montmartre

Brunch, now a common offering in cafés and eateries throughout Paris, has made a nice home for itself in three distinct establishments on the western side of the hill of Montmartre: the café Le Cafe Qui Parle, the bakery Coquelicot and the restaurant Le Petit Parisien.

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