Meal cost: inexpensive to moderate

My World Cup runneth over

Alice Abene's Massai Mara, a gathering place for the Cameroonian (and wider central African) community in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

Not Exactly a Restaurant Review of Quai Ouest in Saint-Cloud

This is not exactly a restaurant review of Quai Ouest, a Seine-side restaurant just west of Paris in Saint-Cloud, now owned by Valerie Thomas-Colin. Saint-Cloud very much

25 Paris Restaurants: A List Beyond The List, Part 1

If you were to gather into a single list all of the Paris restaurants that Americans are considering before visiting this year there would be so much overlap it would likely contain no more than 20 different addresses. This article seeks to broaden travelers' sense of the possibilities.

Paris Cocktail Bars: A 10th Arrondissement Cocktail Circuit

In this first in a series of Paris cocktail bar expeditions we sipped our way through a sliver of the 10th arrondissement with stops at three very different bars -- Lavomatic, CopperBay and Baranaan -- located just off Boulevard Saint-Martin, between the metro stations République and Strasbourg Saint-Denis.

Canard & Co: Duck Season in Paris, Year-Round

The French Southwest staked out some new territory in Paris last September when Cécile Castellan opened Canard & Co in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower. Despite the name, there’s much more than mallard on the menu, as Corinne LaBalme explains in her review of this Basque and Béarnais grocery shop and luncheonette.
Paris restaurant list

25 Paris Restaurants: A List Beyond The List, Part 2

France Revisited invites 6 Paris-based French and American foodies, gastronomies and food writers to create a Paris restaurant list that goes beyond your usual buzz list. Alexander Lobrano, Michel Tanguy, Corinne LaBalme, Allison Zinder, Alain Neyman and Randy Diaz join Gary Lee Kraut in suggesting 25 restaurants that you may not have heard of.

Montmartre Celebrates Grape Harvest with Wine Auction at La Bonne Franquette

Montmartre celebrated its annual Grape Harvest Festival (Fête des Vendanges) in early October with a series of joyful community events including lectures, concerts, tasting...

IKRA: Russian Cuisine (and a Red Piano) in the 6th Arrondissement

What is it about Paris cabarets and Russian émigrés that brings out everyone’s inner gypsy? It’s got to be more than borscht, no? Is it Garbo in Ninotchka? Ingrid Bergman in Anastasia? Corinne LaBalme says “привет” (we hope that means “hello”) to IKRA, the newest Cossack café in town.

5 Phenomena on the Streets of Paris This Summer

“We’ll always have Paris,” Rick said, but Paris changes. Wandering the streets and parks of the capital year in year out—alone, accompanied, in love, in friendship, at work, at play, on foot, on bike—will make anyone a trend spotter. Here are five phenomena to watch for on the streets of Paris this summer.

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