The Perfect Paris Diet

If being sedentary, overeating fatty foods, overdoing sugar-heavy drinks, and endless snacking are among the surest ways to gain fat, you needn’t worry about...

The New Fragrance of the Paris Café

We knew we would be breathing easier when France entered the nonsmoking age in January 2008 with a full ban on smoking in enclosed...

Paris Restaurant Report: Villa Corse and the Versatility of Brocciu Cheese

When it gets too cold to sunbathe in Corsica, the Isle of Beauty gears up for fromage frenzy. Corinne LaBalme visits Paris's Villa Corse just in time for the beginning of brocciu season.

Our Restaurant Review Policy

Whether you’re a foodie or just a hungry traveler, a gastronome on a mission or a hearty eater on a moderate budget, eating out...

The Sweet Taste of D-Day

From Pegasus Bridge to Utah Beach, the Landing Zone of Normandy is prime territory for D-Day merchandising, but I’d imagine that very little, if any, of it is actually made in Normandy. So I was a bit wary when saw a jar of “D-Day Honey” for sale this summer at Bernard Lebrec’s apple farm between Pointe du Hoc and the American Cemetery.

Three Reasons to Experience a Remarkable Chef: Part I

Symbols, stars, numbers, and other restaurant rating systems can provide a culinary relief map of a city, but they’re inadequate in revealing the particular...

France Revisited’s Agriculture Show – Name that Cheese Contest

On the occasion of Paris's International Agriculture Show, one of the major annual trade show/fair events in France, guess the cheese in the photo in this post and win an invitation or two to attend the show, which ends on March 3, 2013.

Le Vieux Crapaud: Admirable Bistro Fare Near the Arc de Triomphe

Country fare meets upscale neighborhood near the Arc de Triomphe at Thomas Boutin’s Le Vieux Crapaud, where venturesome eaters enjoy frogs, pig’s ears, snails and pigeon while their dining companions savor admirable preparations of more familiar traditional bistro cuisine.

Calvados, Where Rotting Apples Have a Good Name

An introduction to the alcoholic apple-based beverages cidre (hard cider) and calvados produced in Normandy.

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