The Perfect Paris Diet

If being sedentary, overeating fatty foods, overdoing sugar-heavy drinks, and endless snacking are among the surest ways to gain fat, you needn’t worry about...

Three Reasons to Experience a Remarkable Chef: Part 2

Symbols, stars, numbers, and other restaurant rating systems can provide a culinary relief map of a city, but they’re inadequate in revealing the particular...

The Electrician

The back table by the kitchen at Kasaphani, Paris’s premier Greek Cypriot restaurant, is reserved for family and friends. Tony, the oldest of the...

Pizza Envy: A Tale of Two Hoods

It’s too much to expect Paris to have great pizza, too, yet decent single-serving, thin-crust pizza can be found in many residential neighborhoods in...

The Sweet Taste of D-Day

From Pegasus Bridge to Utah Beach, the Landing Zone of Normandy is prime territory for D-Day merchandising, but I’d imagine that very little, if any, of it is actually made in Normandy. So I was a bit wary when saw a jar of “D-Day Honey” for sale this summer at Bernard Lebrec’s apple farm between Pointe du Hoc and the American Cemetery.

Patricia’s Casual Cooking Class in the Town of Versailles

The Town of Versailles is often ignored by those visiting the Palace of Versailles. That’s understandable in that the palace, the gardens, and the...

IKRA: Russian Cuisine (and a Red Piano) in the 6th Arrondissement

What is it about Paris cabarets and Russian émigrés that brings out everyone’s inner gypsy? It’s got to be more than borscht, no? Is it Garbo in Ninotchka? Ingrid Bergman in Anastasia? Corinne LaBalme says “привет” (we hope that means “hello”) to IKRA, the newest Cossack café in town.

Wine Travel: Respect for Pinot Meunier in Marne Valley Champagnes

An introduction to Marne Valley champagne, from the western portion of the winegrowing region, where 70% of the vineyards are planted with pinot meunier, the Rodney Dangerfield of champagne grapes. An encounter with grower-producers who give the grape the respect it deserves. And good reasons to attend the annual October champagne festival in Chateau-Thierry.

Jason and the Armagnacs

In the gastronomic jigsaw of Gascony, travel writer John M. Edwards goes prospecting for the amber eau-de-vie Armagnac while housesitting a 15th-century farmhouse. * *...

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