Jason and the Armagnacs

In the gastronomic jigsaw of Gascony, travel writer John M. Edwards goes prospecting for the amber eau-de-vie Armagnac while housesitting a 15th-century farmhouse. * *...
dogs Congénies Quaker House

Congénies Quaker House: Peace, Friends and Dogs

Photos by David Kashoff of the Quaker House and village of Congénies, France, located between Nimes and Montpellier in the Languedoc region.
Champagne vineyards.

Junior Year Abroad: The Grape Harvest

At the start of her junior year abroad from Tulane, Texan Kim Sotman discovers vast differences between Texas ranches and Champagne vineyards.
Plateau Gergovie

Home is where the vine is

Lindsey Wallace, an American student on junior year abroad, reflects on the meaning of home.

Making Peace with Bouillabaisse in Marseille

By James d'Entremont I recently returned to Marseille for the first time in over four decades, and came away wondering how I could have waited so...

My Dear General: the relationship between Lafayette and Washington

The Marquis de Lafayette first met George Washington in Philadelphia in the summer of 1777. At 19, the marquis had left his wife and baby in France to pursue his heroic dream of helping to win America’s freedom. From almost his first meeting with Washington, Lafayette claimed the general as the father he had never known.
Grizzled sardiner by monsieur.ivan. La Turballe Sardine Festival.

La Turballe Sardine Festival

Numerous port towns on Europe's Atlantic coast hold an annual Sardine Festival in July and August, with a large concentration of such events in France in...

The Vidocq Society: A Famous French Detective Inspires American Forensic Inquiries

When William Fleisher, a former Philadelphia Police Officer and FBI Special Agent, meets with his pals for lunch there’s often blood on the menu...

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and the French Alliance

This is a photo of the Parade Grounds at Valley Forge where on May 6, 1778, the Continental Army celebrated news of The French Alliance, the treaty that threw the weight of Louis XVI's France onto the side of the United States of America in their fight for freedom from British rule.

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