The Rothschilds in France, a 19th-century Riches to Riches Story

Rothschild: whether pronounced in English, German, Italian or English, the name has for 200 years signified wealth, in particular Jewish wealth. We still speak, as do the French, of someone as being rich as Rothschild—or more likely not rich as Rothschild.

Noshing In Nice: Bread and the Bagel

The bagel isn’t about to overtake socca, the time-honored chickpea pancake, as a favorite nosh in Nice, but having made inroads into the bread-life of Paris, it’s gaining attention in the capital of the Riviera. Among those paying attention are French-born Daniele Thomas Easton and her Brooklyn-bred husband.

Passover in Paris and the 11th Plague

Max Kutner had just moved to Paris from New York and was looking for a Passover seder to attend. He found one just off the Champs-Elysées, but among the mixed ritual of French, English and Hebrew something was amiss, beginning with the 11th plague.

Love and Latkes

Melinda Mayor, "the Menschette of Montmartre,” has a gentile husband who says “oy” and who cooks better than she does and two children with whom she’d like to share her Jewish heritage, leading her on the search for the perfect potato latke in Paris.

The Stained Glass Window, a Vignette

In this remarkable vignette, Donna Elveth turns the routine act of walking the dog in her neighborhood in Paris into a story of life and death, art and beauty.

Europ’Amazones: Side-saddling Horsewomen Bring Pageantry, Sport and Elegance to Lion d’Angers

Versailles’s got its royal stables, Chantilly’s got its noble horse museum and Saumur’s got its Cadre Noir, but for me as a horse-lover watching the horsewomen at the National Stud Farm at Le Lion d'Angers is paradise. By Justyna Gawąd

Celebrating Le Nôtre: An American Photographer Explores the Tuileries Garden

France Revisited joins France's celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of André Le Nôtre, the father of French gardens, with seven stunning photos of Paris's most historical garden, the Tuileries Garden, by American photographer Elise Prudhomme.

The Cranky Parent: Maman, Bébé and Unsolicited Advice

Bringing up bébé has its dark side in the City of Light when maman can’t go wheeling through the supermarket without a stranger telling her that she hasn’t dressed her precious one properly for the yogurt aisle, as Melinda Mayor, aka Meshugeneh Mama, recounts with vitriol and humor.

The Cranky Foreign Resident: I Love the French, But Sometimes…

Three years ago Polish contributor Justyna Gawąd, her French husband and their European son moved to the Anjou region of France from Warsaw. Justyna...

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