A Bend in the Road with Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney wants us all to be happy.

Writer, inspirational speaker, radio personality, wife, mother, friend, stranger with a tolerant gaze and a kind word, Maura is a native of New Jersey, a longtime Floridian and an inveterate traveler who wants us all to carry a passport from the State of Happiness.

I got together with Maura and her husband Jim, a buddy of mine from high school, when we were all visiting family in New Jersey.

Maura makes interview videos and sight videos and inspirational videos on whatever theme strikes her fancy at the moment. You can see many of them on her terrifically upbeat website Maura4u.  She creates these snippets of happy living whenever she travels and has her cameraman (Jim) handy.

Well, there were all were. So Maura took a few notes, asked to see a copy of my old guide to Paris, and said “Jim, film.”

Here is Maura’s 7-minute interview with me, whom she calls “a cultural facilitator and travel therapist,” terms I quite like.

You can see Maura’s videos and texts and learn more about her work (including her e-books) on her website Maura4u or on the very likable Facebook page of the same name.

And if you’re a sports fan of any kind check out Jim Sweeney’s site Mike on sports!, featuring the animated figure and comic book big-mouth Mike Rafone, “the ultimate talking head on sports.”


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