Va-nu-pieds, the Barefoot Photographer, Goes Christmas Shopping

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Our favorite fetish photographer Va-nu-pieds, aka The Barefoot Photographer, went out for some last-minute Christmas shopping in Paris but they wouldn’t let him into the store without shoes.

Never mind.

He went window shopping instead.

Imagine his surprise when he came upon a shop that sold leather accessories for the feet.

What an odd concept he thought, and he took a picture.

(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds
(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds


If he were to accessorize at all he might shop at this digit decorating shop:

(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds
(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds

But they wouldn’t allow him inside either.

So he stepped into a world where shoes weren’t required,

(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds
(c) 2012, Va-nu-pieds

and from there he sent us these photographs with best wishes for merry trekking and travels in the coming year.


  1. Hi Gary,

    Maybe I am dense, but I don”t understand this Va-nu-pieds thingy. Is he trying to make a statement of some kind with just this part of his foot showing? Is this art? Or what?


    • Hi Bill,

      Not understanding or appreciating the work of Va-nu-pieds’ photography certainly does not mean that you’re dense. You are not alone in wondering what place his work has on France Revisited.

      Here’s one way to think about this work: You’re undoubtedly familiar with that thingy where someone stretches his arm out to take a picture of his smiling face in front of a landscape or monument. What’s up with that?

      I see VNP’s work as a study of the pedestrian’s and traveler’s relationship with place, a recurrent theme on France Revisited. Does that make it art “or what?” I leave the question in the air.

      You can read VNP’s description of the original motivation for his barefoot photography in the introductory post about his work found here:


  2. Hi Gary,

    I also see VNP’s work as a study of pedestrian’s & travelers’ relationship with place.

    And I really appreciate it.


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