Travel Photography Festival in Bordeaux

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Now here’s a photography festival that’s right up our alley: the annual Travel Photography Festival of Bordeaux, Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs.

The festival, which takes places through the month of April, reveals a diversity of approaches to travel and place—poetic, harsh, intimate, imaginary, mysterious, playful—by French photographers who collectively present far-flung “itineraries” from Bordeaux to Tokyo to Africa to South America.

Their work is shown in thirteen venues spread throughout Bordeaux (museums, galleries, garden gates, public spaces), with most of the venues being devoted to the work of individual photographers. Entrance to all venues is free.

Among the photographers for the festival’s 2012 edition are:

Sophie Chausse, who returns to her native Gabon 20 years after leaving the country:

(c) Sophie Chausse

Cyrus Cornet, who takes an “antivoyage” into the French suburbs:

(c) Cyrus Cornut

Damien Guillaume, who brought back still-life images from travels in South America:

(c) Damien Guillaume

Christopher Héry, who photographed individuals encountered in Nigeria:

(c) Christopher Héry

Pascal Ken, who presents images of seven days in Tokyo:

(c) Pascal Ken

Julien Lombardi, who examines a city’s potential for drift, whether natural, uncontrolled or dangerous:

(c) Julien Lombardi

Thibault de Puyfontaine, whose “Late Colors,” images from Egypt and Mozambique, were shown in Paris in 2011, as described at the time on France Revisited:

(c) Thibault de Puyfontaine

Kristine Thiemann, who presents a playful vision of Bordeaux’s Benauge quarter:

(c) Kristine Thiemann

Itinéraires des Photographes Voyageurs, Bordeaux, an annual festival of travel photography taking place in April. For more information see

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