Tasted, Tested: Co-taste-testers sought for food and drink expeditions in Paris and beyond

September 2011. France Revisited seeks co-taste-testers for a new series of articles about local food and drink products and their producers in France.

Everything tastes better in the area where it’s produced, whether because of a product’s freshness or because of the traveler’s pleasure of eating or drinking a local product.

There’s no rule that says you have to love everything you eat or drink when you travel, but in a country of such diverse agriculture and cuisine as France, it’s incumbent upon curious travelers to try, even if just a bite or a sip, what’s produced locally when visiting its various regions.

That’s why France Revisited is starting a new series of articles about eating and drinking local products in France called “Tasted, Tested.”

Our aim is to introduce you to products and their producers so that you can seek them out when you travel and understand their specificity and their diversity from home.

Friends of France Revisited—by which I mean regular and curious readers—will have the opportunity to join in certain tasting and testing expeditions in Paris and beyond.

From time to time I’ll be looking for two to six co-taste-testers to join me on expeditions to get to know products of a specific region or of a specific type. Some taste-testing events will take place in Paris, others will take place the regions themselves, reachable on a daytrip or on an overnight.

Examples include a chocolate tasting in Paris, an organic wine tasting in the Loire Valley, an oyster tasting in Brittany, a Brie tasting just east of Paris, a culinary expedition to Burgundy, and much more.

Since I’ll be approaching these expeditions professionally, i.e. as research for articles, participants are expected to provide opinions for publication on this site. You need not be a foodie or a food professional to participate, however you must be willing to provide your impressions of any taste-tested products for possible use in an article. Participants are also expected to cover expenses and organization when applicable. These are not tours per se though some touring may be involved.

If interested in being added to the list of potential participants, send me an e-mail through the contact page of France Revisited and let me know:
– your general availability if you live in France or your travel dates when you’ll be visiting,
– whether you’re only interested in taste-tasting in Paris only or would be willing to join on regional expeditions (daytrips, 24 hours, 48 hours),
– any preferences for products that you would or would not consider (e.g. you don’t eat cheese or beef, you don’t care for wine, you’re only interested chocolate and desserts),
– whether or not you speak conversational French (French may not be necessary for taste-testing in Paris but could be a criterion for regional taste-testing),
– a few details about yourself to help me get to know you (e.g. age, where you’re from, your work, your interests).

Some taste-testing expeditions (as well as tasting tours) will be indicated on France Revisited’s Food & Drink Calendar, found on our Food & Drink page. They will also be mentioned on France Revisited’s Facebook page, so don’t hesitate to befriend the site or me there. Otherwise simply wait for the France Revisited Newsletter to arrive indicating that a new “Tasted, Tested” article has been posted.

Cheers! Gary

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