T-Shirts and the T-Shirt Song

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Thanks to readers/listeners who wrote to say how much they enjoyed France Revisited’s number one musical hit of the season “She Walked Along the River, a.k.a. The T-Shirt Song”! If you haven’t yet heard the song you can see our music video on Youtube by clicking here.)

Okay, it may be a stretch to say that you “loved” the song. Rather, there were three general categories of comment.

1. The “I didn’t know you sing” comment. My response: Neither did I.

2. The “You and Jordan [Zell] should write more songs together” comment. My response: We are. We’ve written five already. You an hear other along with Jordon solo works and his version of covers by doing a Jordan Zell search on Youtube.

3. The “I liked the song until the f-word at the end” comment. My response: I sometimes feel a little bad about the use of the f-word, but in writing the song it felt like a natural ending to the story told in the song, so there you have it. (My deepest thanks to the ambitous reader who told me I could never get the song on the radio with the f- bomb in it. And my deepest sympathy to the high school teacher who told me that she can no longer recommend France Revisited to her students.)

Some of the above categories of comment came through the post office accompanied by a t-shirt, so I want to especially thank those dedicated readers by the following photos of their generous gift.

With thanks to the reader who went to London, here I am in your t-shirt in front of the statue of Henri IV on Ile de la Cité:

The T-shirt Song. Paris.
Co-author of The T-shirt Song wearing a gift sent by an appreciative fan.

With thanks to the reader who had a t-shirt specially printed in honor of the fact that “The T-Shirt Song” was recorded in Israel, here I am in your t-shirt below the Pont Neuf:

Gift from fan of the T-shirt song
Wearing a gift from an Israeli fan of The T-shirt song.


With thanks to the reader in Paris whose apparent cynicism and humor matches that of  “The T-Shirt Song,” I pose here wearing your gift in front the Paris Police Headquarters.

The T-shirt Song, Paris
Wearing a gift from a fan of The T-shirt Song.


With further thanks to another fan with a similar a sense of cynicism and humor, here I am sitting by the river in a second “I love rien” t-shirt:

I now wonder what gifts Jordan and I might receive when we make a video for our song about prostitution.


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