Our Hotel Review Policy

What’ll it be: A luxury palace, a 4-star hideaway, a high-end chain, a 3-star charmer, a love nest, a budget delight, a den of quirky characters? By a garden, a food market, a museum, shopping, notable restaurants? With a room for romance, for friends, for families, for a single traveler, for business?

Independence is of utmost importance in our hotel reviews, recommendations, commentary and experiences. Our observations are based largely on our visits throughout the hotel and/or on our stay in the hotel. Remarks may be augmented or modified by comments from our readers and from travelers we meet. While hotels may indeed advertise on this site we do not write advertorial.

We examine a wide range of criteria reviewing hotels: character, quality, service, charm, price, location, history, and je ne sais quoi. In order to be selected here, a hotel should have something special to offer in at least three of those criteria, though an exceptional two may grab our attention.

Generally speaking, we recommend the hotels we review, but that doesn’t mean we want to join their PR team. We favor eclectic reviews of a hotel’s offerings, advantages, disadvantages, staff, and peculiarities, viewed from any angle.

France Revisited generally reviews 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels, including exceptional 5-star hotels officially designated in France as palaces, as well as some 2* hotels and various forms of B&B.

Our hotel reviews and other hotel-related articles contain information that is true when posted along with subjective commentary. Nevertheless, we cannot be held responsible for any aspect of your reservation or stay. Web links to selected hotels are provided here for your convenience only. We do not endorse all that is indicated on a hotel’s website.

If you have any comments about our reviews or would like to let us know of your experiences in a particular hotel that we’ve mentioned, feel free to send a message to gary [at] francerevisited.com.


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